Day 144: it’s my birthday

Today I am 27. The difference between this birthday and the last one is almost unbelievable. If you had told me I would be planning to move out by my next birthday this time last year I wouldn’t have believed it, but so I am. The best birthday present isn’t really a birthday present I tell him he counts as the best Christmas present the universe could have possibly given me. Right now I can’t be there to celebrate my birthday with him but knowing that he would be with me if he could makes all the difference in the world. This picture was taken shortly after I got to Ohio. He thinks he looks creepy but I like it a lot.


Day 143: Mother’s Day and Love

Doorway into St. Nicholas Tower Chapel gardens...
Doorway into St. Nicholas Tower Chapel gardens. A view looking through a doorway into the gardens at St. Nicholas Tower Chapel, showing a plaque commemorating Mildred Gale, paternal grandmother of George Washington. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today is Mother’s Day. The one thing that the human race has in common with each other in spite of all the rest of our cultural differences… We all have parents. Whether we like them, have issues with them, or don’t know at all we all came from somewhere. Today I can’t help but think about my paternal grandmother, a lady I never had the good fortune to know. I chose her first name as my middle name when I was 13 years old and that remains the sole connection I have to her other than the obvious one of my father. I sometimes feel like I am missing something important in my life because I didn’t know her. Then the thought occurs to me that my children will grow up, at least in that respect, like I did. The unicorn necklace I wear belonged to Oz’s mother before she died. There is not a day that has passed since I met him that I don’t wonder if she would like me and hope that she would. I think that one of the best things about love in any form is that it can make you strive to be your best possible self.

Day 142: Don’t Panic!

Don't Panic: The Official Hitchhiker's Guide t...
Don’t Panic: The Official Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Companion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In case those people who only know me through my blog have been wondering where I’ve been don’t panic, I am perfectly okay. Although I like taking trips to the library I have discovered that typing out blog entries on a public computer is not for me. Apart from the obvious  frustration of having to type manually I also find the prospect that strangers can read over my shoulder a little disconcerting. It’s not like this blog contains any government secrets but it still creeps me out just a bit. Which is odd considering that once I hit the publish button my words go out into cyberspace and anybody can read them . I guess it is mostly the idea that I alone know the full content of the blog at least up until I hit that button. All writers are allowed to be a little eccentric right? But now we have Internet back of the house so my posting will definitely be as frequent as I can manage.