Day 144: it’s my birthday

Today I am 27. The difference between this birthday and the last one is almost unbelievable. If you had told me I would be planning to move out by my next birthday this time last year I wouldn't have believed it, but so I am. The best birthday present isn't really a birthday present I... Continue Reading →

Day 143: Mother’s Day and Love

Today is Mother's Day. The one thing that the human race has in common with each other in spite of all the rest of our cultural differences… We all have parents. Whether we like them, have issues with them, or don't know at all we all came from somewhere. Today I can't help but think... Continue Reading →

Day 142: Don’t Panic!

In case those people who only know me through my blog have been wondering where I've been don't panic, I am perfectly okay. Although I like taking trips to the library I have discovered that typing out blog entries on a public computer is not for me. Apart from the obvious  frustration of having to... Continue Reading →

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