day 149:the color pink or a hippopotamus are a different color

I don’t like the color pink. Never have. It really irritates me to no end that pink colored things are automatically considered “girlie”. I used to become really annoyed when people who didn’t know me well would get me pink things for my birthday or Christmas because of course in my mind they should have had enough sense to ask my parents if I would like whenever they were planning on getting ahead of time instead of just assuming something. That being said I don’t remember ever throwing a tantrum over it but I probably did  at least once or twice.I had a pink and yellow dragon which I absolutely adored and which fell into the Great Abyss of Toys In Need Of Mending when I was somewhere between nine and twelve years old. Several years ago I discovered a company  which makes  stuffed toys that can flatten out  to be a pillow and hold a blanket inside as well . Because of my circulation issues I tend to collect blankets. On the website there were many different animals , each a different color or combination of colors . For reasons I still cannot explain I became enamored of the pink hippo. Perhaps it was a subconscious choice it was almost the exact shade of pink as the breast cancer ribbon and my mom was and still is dealing with it even though it appears to be thankfully nonexistent now. I’m still not exactly sure of my reasoning perhaps it is only because of the fact that a hippopotamus stuffed toy is not exactly a common find. In an epilogue of sorts since buying the hippopotamus , (which my boyfriend maintains is not a hippopotamus but a pig because hippopotami are not supposed to be pink) I have also brought a more conventionally shaded wolf which I also love dearly.


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