Even a one night thing can have repercussions folks

A Girl Named Clay

Weep for humanity that this all still needs to be said.

1.) I’m Kinky. You’re Kinky.And That’s Not The End of The story.
Assuming unspoken consent and cohesiveness between our kinks is going to be like throwing two pissed-off fighting cocks in a circle and thinking there’s going to be a tea party – they’re the same species, after all.
So we gotta talk it out first, and see where our wants and needs intersect, and which areas to steer clear of. Otherwise, one of us is going to end up hog-tied upside-down and gagged, and not all together pleased about it.

2.) Consent is a Before-Hand Thing.
I ‘preciate you asking whilst or after the fact. But the sad fact of the matter is that, as far as we experience it, time is linear, and so unless you ask me if I want something BEFORE you actually dive…

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