Day 157: This is REALLY going to hurt


Dutch pea soup
Dutch pea soup (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You’re probably going to throw up.

That was the first thing the physical therapist said at my first out of bed therapy session in 2 weeks. I knew that this was probably going to hurt worse then anything in my life had before. I was 14 years old and had just had spinal surgery a few weeks before. In my experience therapists seem to take a different view of pain then their patients. Especially right after surgery they will often push you past the point that you want to say enough. So when that was the sentence I  heard before anything happened I was daunted, and a little worried. My knee jerk reaction to heavy pain since the age of 12 or 13 has been to swear instead of cry.  If a therapist said I’d probably be in enough pain to throw up I would probably  swear too. In a children’s hospital. Bad. In front of my grandma,who was staying with me that week. Worse. She takes a very dim of swearing and large amounts  of pain are no excuse. There was no getting out of it, I tried in hopes that I could postpone a week until my mom was there,she didn’t mind swearing from pain. No dice. I put my game face on.They strapped  chest,knees, and ankles, to table that would slowly go from horizontal to vertical, effectively standing me up.. About halfway up my knees tried to draw into my chest but were blocked by the strap. It was then that I learned that your legs ARE connected to your spine, imagine that.   I threw up and swore under my breath.The best part was that even though I was mess my grandma got an equal share in my impromptu imitation of Linda Blair. I took the lecture I later got almost cheerfully.


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