Day 163: Today I was reminded what awesome really means

I watched the opening ceremonies for the Paralympic Games this morning. Yes I know I’m a little late. Stephen Hawking played an integral part in the ceremony and said something which I’m sure will become one of his most quoted statements.

Look at the stars, not at your feet.

Stephen Hawking, 2012 London Paralympic Games Opening Ceremonies

Opening Ceremony
Opening Ceremony (Photo credit: The Department for Culture, Media and Sport)

The entire spectacle of the opening ceremonies was breathtaking and something I will never ever forget, but that one seemingly simple sentence appears to have lodged itself solidly into my soul. Humankind sometimes seems to forget that even though we are just  specks when compared to the universe as a whole that we can do great and wondrous sayings. Daily tasks often weigh us down and as adults especially we have a tendency to put aside our dreams as silly, frivolous or unrealistic. No dream is silly. Dream you dream, ignore the naysayers and attackers. Humanity has been to the moon and back and still we doubt ourselves and our dream! Look to the stars, not at your feet! Dreams and the soul are as big as the universe. If the mind can dream it, the soul can hold it and if the soul can hold onto it long enough, against all obstacles there a way forward will eventually appear. My feet and body don’t work the way I would like but since there is no such thing as a standardized human being that is okay. The world is forever changed because you’re in it and that is amazing. For such small specks we make an awful lot of difference. Do not look at your feet, the mundane trivialities that bind your imagination. Look to the stars, see the possibilities, reach for them, even in the face of doubt and fear for I believe that is when we surprise even ourselves. I have watched several Olympic Games in my lifetime but I don’t think I have ever been shown a life lesson during  one.


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