Day 164:If the Peanuts character Linus were a girl I would be her

Linus awaits the Great Pumpkin.
Linus awaits the Great Pumpkin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think my favorite non electronic item are blankets.  I have many and I never go on a long trip without one. Just call me Linus. Yes people have actually made reference to the Peanuts character and I take no offense. I have poor circulation because of my disability so it is not uncommon to see me with a blanket even in the warmer months. There is also the added benefit that a blanket keeps a lot of the summer insects off me. When I  thought about it I realized that my blanket collecting started because of a single Christmas gift., one I never expected.The year I was  eleven my mom met a retired RN  named Nancy. Nancy was the first Seventh Day Adventist I had ever met and she was also the only person I knew who ate only two main meals a day instead of three. She was the first vegetarian I’d met as well as the first parent of our acquaintance who home schooled her adopted daughter and foster children, all of whom had various disabilities. Nancy also ran a summer day camp for disabled children and adults  and every year she held a camp Christmas party where everyone got a gift.  That year I  received a lap blanket with horses on it, on the underside of one corner I found a patch with the words, “handmade with love,” I cried, just a little.

That blanket is 16 years old this Christmas . It has been washed and dried numerous times. It has comforted sick and  dying animals in our house as well as welcomed new life in between serving its original purpose of keeping my legs warm . The only difference from when I  first got is the underside has gone nubby from many washings.  The “handmade” patch is still there and in spite of 16 years of every day use it has not once suffered the indignity of a tear.

I plan on leaving it to my children  or a niece or nephew  one day. The great thing about love is that it compounds so that person that comes in contact with an object that has been passed down adds a little of themselves and a little  more love.


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