Day 165: it’s four years later and I’m still here


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November of this year Writer’s Desk will be four years old. Wow. A lot has happened in those four years, most of which I never  expected. My main purpose in starting the blog was to have a place to decompress and be myself. I never expected other people to read it, four years later my post about my relationship to a Peanuts character gets 27 hits on the day it was published. I have had several blog spaces before but WordPress is the only one I have stuck with long-term. I think it’s because I started Writer’s Desk of my own volition and not because I felt pressured into doing so which is how I felt with my LiveJournal and several others. I am not exactly the person I was four years ago and just like me this blog has evolved since its first post. You might notice that if you go looking for that post you will not find it. Is the only post within the blog labeled private and it will stay that way. I have met some wonderful people through the medium of this blog and I’m profoundly grateful for their presence in my life even though we only know each other through comments left on one another’s blogs. Overall I have become a much more confident person. I am less afraid to share my opinions and considerably less worried about what other people think that I was when I first started writing here. I always encourage people to comment whether they agree with me on on a subject or not and I will continue to do so because I believe the ability to express different opinions in a nonconfrontational manner is an important skill that we should all regularly exercise. Who knows where I’ll be another four years but I can guarantee you I will still be writing in this blog.



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