Day 169: My Teeth are far worse, or you can’t fix stupid

Currently my favorite photo in which you may or may not be able to tell that my teeth have issues.

I came across this post today and felt the need to write a post of my own. Bullying is not cool at any age. I am appalled that many people use the anonymity of the Internet to be cruel to complete strangers. For that matter stranger or not no one should tear another person down because of their physical appearance. When I was growing up I was accident prone I have rearranged the teeth in my head at least half a dozen times and even though the dentist did a wonderful job straightening them out my teeth are still slightly crooked. I didn’t lose my last baby tooth until last year at the age of 26. There is a  gap which the adult tooth is slowly moving into. Yes I could have braces put on my teeth, I am well aware that it is not uncommon for adults to have braces nowadays. The truth is I am absolutely terrified of dentists and orthodontists and have been my entire life. Thankfully I have never had a cavity which required filling or having a tooth pulled . All I have to say to the people who left such nasty comments on this  couples save the date, photo is apparently Ron White is correct: you can’t fix stupid.


2 thoughts on “Day 169: My Teeth are far worse, or you can’t fix stupid

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  1. Rachel, I just saw your comment on the BlogHer article – THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WRITING THIS IN RESPONSE! I am completely honored and you are so right – you can’t fix stupid. 🙂

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