Day 174: Why I (Usually) Refuse To Talk Politics with Most People

Voting (Photo credit: League of Women Voters of California)

Do advertisements influence who you vote for?

Before I go into the prompt I would like to be perfectly clear about one thing: I do vote. I have voted in every presidential election since I was old enough to do so. I hate discussing politics though. I can count on both hands the number of people but I will willingly get into a political discussion with these include my parents, sibling, significant others, one of my uncles and two close family friends. My reasoning is simple, politics is an emotionally charged subject and in many cases adults who are otherwise quite reasonable and clear minded and go a little crazy. The same thing is often true when religion is discussed, it becomes all too easy to forget that other people have a right to their opinions even if they disagree with yours.

Advertisements do not directly influence my vote. I view most political advertising, especially those about the the other guy, (for instance an Obama funded advertisement against Mitt Romney or Paul Ryanor vise versa) as deliberately biased and possibly mudslinging propaganda. I do however fact check through third-party sources to the best of my ability. I believe it is important to be aware of the current political situation in whatever country you reside, I do however think that brothers should  not come to blows over a difference of opinion in politics as actually happened in my family at Christmas time of the last election year.All I will say about the current election is follow your convictions, I will follow mine and hopefully we can meet somewhere in the middle ground at least.

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One thought on “Day 174: Why I (Usually) Refuse To Talk Politics with Most People

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  1. I totally agree. I don’t like to talk about politics, and I don’t like normally clear-headed people who turn insane when they do talk about it.

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