First Lady Pat Nixon meeting with Big Bird fro...
First Lady Pat Nixon meeting with Big Bird from Sesame Street in the White House on December 20, 1970.gif (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I did not watch the recent debate but one of the thing that is getting repeated often upset me greatly. Mitt Romney has stated that it he becomes president PBS will no longer receive federal funding which might mean that programs like Sesame Street will no longer be able to air. Sesame Street was the original Headstart program in my opinion and for many children who may not have access to a physical program in the community I believe that programs like Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers Neighborhood are vital. This is not the first time public television has been a subject debated on Capitol Hill. Fred Rogers himself spoke before Congress and pleaded for the continuation of public television. Fortunately for the children living in America Congress listened. Mr. Rogers has  died so who will speak up now? The answer is you. On the heels of the debate sprang up The Million Muppet March a demonstration that will be held at t0he National Mall in Washington DC on November 3. Tennessee is a long way from Washington or I would be there myself but since I can’t be I’m blogging. I would encourage you to write your congressional representatives so that even if Mr. Romney become president your Congress will know that that people will not support a move to make Big Bird and Company homeless


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