Day 179: Grief: It never really leaves but sometimes it can become lasting strength

Eucleian Raven
Eucleian Raven (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They say grief is a cycle but sometimes it sounds like it will end,  it doesn’t .I cut my hair every other year for a young man who died when I was ten. I drink a bit of alcohol  for a classmate who didn’t live to  see legal drinking age. I keep track of the birthdays of teenager who never knew his biological dad and is probably alive today  only because his father made the split second decision that his own life was less important than the life of his unborn child and fiancee . I will fight for my independence from my  family, I will own my dreams and realize them for the brother who gave me armor and a sword to fight my own battles but never got to see his dreams before his time was done. I stand with ready Clan at my side and strength of those that have gone before me at my back. To all the naysayers and pessimists I laugh in your face. Watch. I will shine brighter  than you ever thought  possible.


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