Day 182: In Which Computer Imitates Life… Almost.

Writing- Pen & Paper
Writing- Pen & Paper (Photo credit: LMRitchie)

I would describe my handwriting as terrible. The only thing that is even remotely legible most of the time is my signature and even that depends on if I’m having a good day. To many people the fact that this bothers me may seem silly, after all it is the computer age and a lot of people don’t bother with actually writing more than their signature anymore. Maybe the best way to explain it is that most of my life is structured around utility, I have lived in the same house for almost ten years and the walls of my room are still the stark white they were our first day here. Why? Because I would need help painting the room and when it has been brought up someone is either too busy to help or we are too broke to afford the paint. I have pictures which could be hang on the walls but anybody in my house with the ability to safely use a hammer always seems to be doing other things. I told you that  first so I could tell you this: the reason my blog has switched to a handwriting style font is simply to make it more personal. I have deliberately looked for the most legible cursive font I could find. This is what I wish my handwriting looked close to every time I have to write my name.


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