Day 169: A Once in a Blue Moon Friendship

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One in a blue moon,” we’ve probably all heard the phrase at one point or another in our lives. Here’s what I thought of the last time I heard the phrase. Once in a blue moon you find a friend who seems to be able to weather any storm, who always seems to be able to land on their feet in spite of whatever the world throws at them. The scary part of this is that eventually everybody’s luck runs out. I have a leather bound illustrated copy of all of Shakespeare’s works, including the sonnets. It was given to me on semipermanent loan when I was 13. The friend who gave it to me told me graduate high school and learn to navigate college successfully in spite of my limitations. I have yet to find an adequate phrase to describe my relationship with him or what he meant to me. He passed away this June after a prolonged struggle with Rocky Mountain spotted tick fever, Lyme disease and several other illnesses on top of those. I have stopped crying every day so I suppose that is progress even though it does not feel like very much progress to me at all some days. Someone once told me that a person only truly dies until the living stop remembering them. I will continue to tell the stories of those who have gone before me because I don’t ever want to forget. The volume of Shakespeare now sits in pride of place on my bookshelf an unlikely reminder of an unlikely friendship.

Written for the 1 Min. Writers Soulmasprompt and also The Daily Post Google Image Search prompt.


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