Day 191: Letter to Myself Part One: The Things I wish I Had Known

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 You are probably the smartest person anyone in your school knows that probably why most of them don’t talk to you. Ignore those who call you a know it all and say mean things behind your back. I know you’re jealous that Morgans plays hockey and you can’t but Ipromise you that Chris, your sister’s teammate who also is also in choirwith you will make the bullies regret picking on you, trust me. Speaking of choir eventually the school will try to tell you that you cannot stay after school to practice for the Christmas show even though it is part of your grade. They will assure you that they will not let the teacher penalize you for not being there, refused to except it. You’ll be better off if you stay after school, you might even become more than just passing acquaintances with most of your classmates. Talk to Paul Holloway more, his time is shorter than anyone thinks and not knowing him better will be one of the biggest regrets after high school. Keep in touch with Damien he has a good friend. Don’t begrudge your mom the time spread talking on the phone to Nathan about sheep, she needs the advice and he will not let you be forgotten I promise. Sometimes it may seem hopeless, hang in there better days are coming.. You’ll find a man and woman who love you for your self. Write your book, it is going to take far longer than anybody including you want to think about so start now. Above all don’t give up, in the next 13 years your life will strange so drastically that you almost will recognize your self at 27 as even remotely resembling the person you are now and most of the changes will be positive.


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  1. Linked to your blog via Morgan’s page on FB, the post where you called her a superhero for getting you a phone . Her friend, Chris (from high school) is my younger brother. Also, I’ve met you before when you lived with your parents; I worked at The Farmers Bank in Mville for five years, quitting in 2011 to stay home with my first born. I thought I’d simply read that one post about Morgan, but I’ve been scrolling through the last two years of posts. Although we’ve “met,” I don’t think we’ve ever conversed. I would have remembered your passion for words and zeal for expressing them. When I saw my brother’s name in print, it made my heart swell. Chris is home for Christmas (with Jetta, a dog he got from your family.. Whom he adores as if she were a daughter) and was going to get together with Morgan before he left.
    I wanted to tell you that through these posts, you have educated me about interacting with disabled people. I consider myself sensitive to special needs and past experience has taught me to treat people with disabilities as “normally” as I would anyone else, unless specifically told otherwise. And to be kind, maybe even go out of my way to be kinder than I am to others.. Just because it might help balance out the daily injustices and ignorances disabled people have to deal with. Thank you for reminding me not to assume all disabled people are the same. You mentioned in a previous post that you are all kinds of minorities a few times over, and I just hadn’t considered that. You’ve helped open my mind and taught me not to assume anything, that if I want to know… Just ask. And only ask appropriate questions, things I’d be okay answering myself.

  2. Okay, I accidentally hit “post comment” before I was finished. I also wanted to say I think your struggle to accept what you see in the mirror is something we all face, to varying degrees. Some have a really hard time accepting the things they see, regardless how those “things” appear to the rest of the world. I feel like we can all get lost in our minds sometimes, feeling alone and less than.. Even in a room full of people. Which makes your story all the more encouraging, that you daily get out of bed and keep putting one foot in front of the other. The video Morgan posted toyourFacebook page a while back that made you feel like you’d given up a little, but also encouraged you to work harder on making more progress toward an independent life.. Well you’ve just done that for me. Because if you are fighting to grab hold of such a dream, what’s my excuse? 🙂 anyway, Rachel, I just wanted to say thank you. And encourage you to keep writing, here and on your ten year story.

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