Love this street...Hope these trees are here f...
Love this street…Hope these trees are here for many years in the future. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I won’t ask what my life is like twenty years in the future, instead I will write to you, my older self about the things I hope I still remember. I hope I still laugh more than I cry. I hope I kiss those I love last thing every night and first thing every morning no matter what disagreements we had the day before. I hope my children and my children friends feel like they can always talk to me no matter what the subject. I hope I still make time to read and that I am never too busy to steal one more kiss. I hope that I am still learning things I didn’t know the day before. I hope that someone learns to love reading because of my insolence. I hope that I still see the same faces that I love 20 years from now. I hope that there are new faces to care about. I hope I am more comfortable with myself than I am now because even though I like myself better than I did when I was 15 I still have a long way to go. Most of all I hope that my small segment of the world is changed for the better because I am here.


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