Day 204:Proof That You Don’t Have To Be An Adult To Make A Difference

Full wool Merino sheep.
Full wool Merino sheep. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Earlier this week I Googled the phrase “stuffed dog” just to see what came up in the results. Among the usual links to the toy sections of major department stores, Amazon, Ebay,, and the like, there was something unique. can custom make a plush dog using photos that you (as the person ordering) provide them with. So it’s not just a stuffed dog, it’s YOUR dog. The site is full of examples of their work, where a picture of the completed plush is side by side with a photograph of the actual dog and the resemblance are amazing. The best part is that the idea cane from a young girl who was saddened by a lack of mixed breed plush dogs. As I understand all money which is not put back into the business to keep it running goes to help care for shelter dogs by providing money for dog food and other basic care needs.

ShelterPups makes all of the dogs in America from super soft Merino sheep wool and for this I would not suggest tossing your buddy in a washing machine, the site has care instructions.. The cost of a dog is 125.00 USD but I personally believe it is well worth it considering the personalized nature of the dog and the cause the company supports.

They are currently swamped with holiday orders and working hard to clear the backlog. Right now there is waiting list to place an order but I thought I would blog about now anyway just in case somebody who reads here knows a dog person with a special occasion coming up after the holidays.


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