Day 226: Anger and Mourning

Sandy Hook Lighthouse
Sandy Hook Lighthouse (Photo credit: Vicki’s Pics)

I haven’t felt much like writing lately and if you follow the US news I bet you have a pretty good guess as to why. I remember the Columbine high school shooting coverage on TV. I was actually in college when Virginia Tech happened. Neither of those, horrible and bloody and pointless as they were affected me like this. If someone were to take a picture of my brain they would see a small black spot about the size of an adult thumbnail that part of my brain is dead. I feel as though I must have a corresponding place in my heart knowing that someone is capable of taking an Uzi and killing 20 elementary school children. There is something wrong with the world when that happens. I think that for the most part our money would be better spent improving mental health services for those who need them. Stricter gun-control policy will not completely solve the problem as one person I know we posted on Facebook Timothy McVeigh did not a gun at all, he used fertilizer.


As if the tragedy of Sandy Hook elementary school wasn’t bad enough members of Westboro Baptist Church intend to picket the victims funerals. These people are not a church, they are a cult. Their sole intention is to foster hate, fear, and bigotry. They twist and mutilate the writings of a faith which was meant to foster tolerance and understanding. Even though I am not a Christian the fact that these people say that there poison message is condoned by Christ makes me sick.


These people may not make explosives like the Muslim extremist we hear so often about but in my mind they are just as much a terrorist group and just as dangerous. There is a petition asking the President to legally recognize them as a hate group, I signed it and the link to the website it’s on can be found here. You must create an account on the site to sign any petition but it is free and you can decide not to receive any e-mails from the site if you wish to reduce spam. Once on the site if you type “Westboro Baptist Church” into their search engine you will find the petition.


I’m sorry does not even begin to cut it. I don’t know what it’s like to lose a child I pray it is a pain I never fully comprehend. What I c aan say to those families in Connecticut is that my heart hurts because your hearts are hurting.

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