Day 231 : A Good Samaritan Thwarted or Disability in the American South

A few years ago I tried to donate plasma and was told that I couldn't, after waiting at least thirty minutes and going through the entire process which took at least another fifteen minutes I was told to go home. Why? It wasn't because I was underweight or two short, or because of tattoo work... Continue Reading →

Day 230: Follow the Yellow Brick Road or Home, Leaving and Coming Back

You can't go home again. When we are children I don't think many of us understand that phrase. When I was in elementary school and smaller my mother who is only 5 foot four was “mommy mountain” to me even though she was definitely not the tallest person I knew. It was not until my... Continue Reading →

Day 228: For Auld Lang Syne

I brought in the New Year at home which is quite common for me. I rarely go out New Year's Eve for the simple reason that I can't drive and the majority of people I know with a license either had to work or had plans of their own. As one calendar year faded into... Continue Reading →

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