Day 229: To the Stranger Who Asks “How does that work, ” for the 200th time


English: Illustration of the double moon symbo...
English: Illustration of the double moon symbol used by bisexuals who wish to avoid the use of triangles. This example is in the colours of the Bisexual Pride flag. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am bisexual. I am lucky enough to have both a girlfriend and a boyfriend, who I adore.. This particular post is a rant concerning the attitudes of strangers to my girlfriend and I as a couple. Guys, if you ask me if I’m bisexual the answer is yes. If you ask me if I’m dating a girl the answer is yes. I am dating and intend to remain committed to one of the most beautiful, intelligent women I know. Yes, my boyfriend knows he’s dating us both. All of these questions I will answer politely and with grace.

What I will do is go into detail about my sex life with either of them. My orientation and choice of partners is not meant for anyone’s gratification beyond myself and my partners. No you CAN NOT watch us make out, and NO WE WILL NOT sleep with you. Why not?Here are just a few reasons

  1. Bisexual is not the same as sex worker. Just because we like both doesn’t mean we’ll sleep with everybody.

  2. I just met you, it is quite possible you’ve got something AJAX couldn’t scrub off. No thanks, I’ll pass.

  3. Remember the boyfriend I mentioned? He doesn’t share with other men. He also doesn’t take kindly to either of us being harassed.

    We (women, bisexuals, people with disabilities poly folk, etc.) do not live our lives for the entertainment and curiosity of others. We deserve the privacy and respect anybody does. Next time you want to ask someone about their relationship ask yourself this: would you feel comfortable if a stranger asked you that question? If the answer is no the question is probably best left unasked, it’s that simple.


2 thoughts on “Day 229: To the Stranger Who Asks “How does that work, ” for the 200th time

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  1. It truly amazes me that people would ask questions of your personal business. Truly unbelievable. I hate it when anyone asks questions that are none of their business. Great post! Maybe people will see themselves and check their bad behavior.

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