Day 250: My Great Grandmother Moonlighted as a Disney Villian

Bill Cosby once said, "My children love my mother and I tell my children, "That is NOT the same woman I grew up with, that is an old woman trying to get into heaven now." I remember my great grandmother as a soft spoken lady who always ate the strawberry portion of the Neapolitan ice... Continue Reading →

Day 249: A Confession and a Website Review

I am a name nerd. I've had a fascination with names since grade school. My mom is a name nerd too, it just might be genetic. I have only one sibling but you'd never guess that if the only thing you saw were the number of name books on our shelves. In all of my... Continue Reading →

Day 248: I Will be Great

I used to think that if I wished hard enough that was isn'y at twenty six I decided to change the game. Most of the people I know probably thought I'd live with my folks for most of my life..I moved out of state a week before my last birthday. I'm scared but I'm... Continue Reading →

Day 247: My Parents Taught Me to Swear

My parents taught me to swear, sort of. To be completely accurate they taught me the more or less appropriate times to swear. I say more or less because in my grandmother's opinion there is absolutely no situations in which cursing or swearing (pick whichever word works for you) is appropriate. However I was taught... Continue Reading →

Day 246: Grief as Shadow

Some call grief a process but that word implies that grieving is finite and has a definitive end. In my experience grief (specifically from the death of a close friend or family member) tends to behave more like a shadow. Some days it is bigger and more noticeable than others but once felt it is... Continue Reading →

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