Day 252: Since When is a Child’s Murder Understandable?

Autism spectrum
Autism spectrum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am a disabled woman who kids kids eventually. Even though my disability isn’t caused but a birth or genetic defect but rather by a simple case of bad timing (I was two months and ten days early) and a lack of oxygen to the brain the fact that I am disables makes any pregnancy of mine high risk which in turn increases the chance that my child(ren) could have a disability. This scares me a lot. To be honest the idea of a physical disability doesn’t scare me half as much as the thought of raising a Downs Syndrome or Autistic Spectrum child does If however the universe decides to send me such a child I will love him her or them just as much as an able bodied or neurotypical child. The fact that there are some parents who feel overwhelmed by their chuld’s disability that they would murder that child is sad but can not and should not be seen as justification for doing so

Yes parenting a special needs child is different and in lots of ways more difficult than parenting a typical able bodied child but I believe that when you make the decision to become a parent you accept the possibility that things might not go exactly as you hoped. Murder is never the answer and being born with a disability isn’t a crime If you’re feeling overwhelmed talk to somebody call CPS anything is better than harming a child or adult who had no control over the fact they were born disabled.


Day 251: Sometimes Blogs Are Like Children or How a Monolouge Became a Conversation When I Wasn’t Looking


Kilroy was here
Kilroy was here (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Writing is a funny, thing you start wth one thing in mind and buy thr time you pause for break be somewhere else entirely. When I started the blog I never expected followers I just wanted space that was “mine” something that is somewhat hard to find when your physically dependent on caregivers (some paid some not) for some level of help fur nearly everything. I started writing the blog with no grander then to leave scratches on the wall of the universe that amount to “Rachel was here.” I never expected people, much less strangers to leave comments but they have and what started as an inner monologue of sorts and as a way to get through the bouts of writer’s block has over time become,much to my great surprise, a conversation of sorts. I don’t get comments on everything I write obviously but I think of those post as akin to the times of comfortable silences in between conversation. Though it is and probably always will be a quiet, unassuming blog with no real theme other then being a chronicle of my life I’m amazed at how much it has evolved almost without me realizing it.

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