Day 253: Pumkins and Pink Ribbons

Giant pink ribbon on the corner of 5th and Mar...
Giant pink ribbon on the corner of 5th and Market, downtown Louisville, KY (10-5-06) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

October is breast cancer awareness month and the 31st is Halloween the time of year when lots of people go out of their way to scare themselves and others so maybe it;s apt that this month was chosen as the month to raise awareness for breast cancer awareness, because as the daughter of a woman who underwent a partial mastectomy because of it I think it one one of the scariest things anyone can deal with. I didn’t say the scariest thing a woman can deal with because it is entirely possible for guys to be diagnosed with breast cancer. That’s right it’s not a”girl thing” guys turn up with it as well. Male nreast cancer is only 1% of diagnosed breast cancer in 2010 but that’s still 1,970 men who are someone’s son and could be a brother, father or uncle. Screening should be provided to anyone who requests it, especially this month, My mom was diagnosed four years ago and since her surgery there hasn’t been a single sign of cancer, and next year, (fingers crossed) she will officially declared cancer free. October is the time of year when you supposed to be able to scare yourself for fun, if you think you might be sick please please get screened no matter what sex you are ….trust me you don’t want to play with this.


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