Day 255: Explain This to Me…..

christmas tree
christmas tree (Photo credit: fsse8info)

If you ask my parents to put a label to there beliefs my dad usually says he is agnostic while my mother says universalist Unitarian, which in a nutshell says that no one faith has all the answers and that everyone search for their personal truth is valid. Some people may say that growing up and such a home couldn’t possibly have sent clear messages about right and wrong or provided much of a moral compass. The fact that some people who know me actually think this just goes to show you they weren’t paying very much attention. Our family has always celebrated Christmas admittedly more as a secular holiday than a religious one (much to my grandma’s annoyance I’m sure) but starting around Thanksgiving my parents called us to say Merry Christmas or happy Hanukkah if we ran into people we knew were either Christian or Jewish and Happy Holidays if we didn’t know a person’s particular preference still wished to be friendly.


One of the things that bothers me a lot this time of year is some peoples reluctance to acknowledge any holiday other than those they personally believe it. I especially think this is silly during the Christmas/Chanukah/Yule season since all of the aforementioned holidays focus on sacrifice and are meant to encourage cooperation and fellowship during dark or difficult times. Most of the holidays this time of year are meant to foster a sense of community so let’s just stop the bickering and enjoy the fact that we are all still on this planet.

Another thing, since when are books “boy books and “girl books”? I love books of all kinds. Pick any genre, fiction or non fiction and I can probably name at least two books that I’ve read that fit in the genre you chose. I believe labeling colors, clothes, and toys etc as either “boy” or “girl” is narrow minded at best and sometimes downright harmful. Books are ideas and stories and should never be confined to one gender over another. I was surprised and a little dismayed to hear that that is exactly what is happening in a first grade class gift exchange before school lets out for the holidays. Some things I will never quite understand.


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