Day 268: A Hodgepodge Puzzler

The Wednesday Hodgepodge is a weekly blog link up hosted at From This Side of the Pond. Questions are posted Tuesday night and the linkup happens on Wednesday. The more the merrier! 1 Its been said a small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day. Do you think that's true? Do you... Continue Reading →

Day 267: in Defense Of Cool Parents

Growing up most of the kids in our neighborhood thought of my parents as the "cool parents". Not because there weren't any rules, believe me when both of your parents have served in the military there are rules. They were, and still are, considered cool because they would listen to both my sister and I... Continue Reading →

Day 266: What Might Have Been

I'm pretty sure that any parent raising a child with a disability has grieved for the able bodied child that might have been. It's only.natural, nobody wants to think that their child will have to live a life labeled "different, other*. What folks might not realize is that  disabled people grieve for themselves. When I... Continue Reading →

Day 262: Let’s Try This Again Folks

So my phone is being re shipped. Hopefully tomorrow. In part because of the holidays and maybe because the mogwi that is the Denver post office mascot got wet in all this snow we've had and terrorized the poor postal workers into barricaded themselves in the back room causing my phone's journey to be halted... Continue Reading →

Day 261: Ramen Noodles and US Politics

I have a love hate relationship with ramen noodles. On the one hand I love noodles and pasta of all kinds. Let me tell you something in case you've experienced it, ramen is a staple food for those who demographics label the working poor. My parents have been part of that particular demographic section most... Continue Reading →

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