Day 258: Blog Intro v. 2.0

penWhen I started blogging with WordPress I had no idea that people who weren’t me would read anything I write, and I have been equally surprised to discover that I want people to read stuff I post here. This blog wasn’t ever intended to be anything but a space for my thoughts on a variety of things, it isn’t a blog with a specific focus and yet people still read it and (wonder of wonders) leave comments! This still floors me. Thank you. For anybody who is new to my little self publishing endeavor my name is Rachel, I’m 28 and I live with a disability called Cerebral Palsy which is caused by brain damage stemming from what I’ve always been told was a lack of oxygen before birth, although the fact that I was a preemie means that it’s also possible the damage came from too much oxygen in the NICU because getting the right amount of oxygen is more art than science and too much can do just as much damage as too little. I have one spot of my brain that is about the size of an adult’s thumbnail that is completely dead. It shows up as a black spot any time pictures of my brain have been taken. What the disability means for me is that I use a motorized wheelchair most of the time(assuming it’s working which right now it isn’t) and a manual chair if the power chair isn’t feasible.

I live in Colorado with with my boyfriend and girlfriend two cats,, Freya and Tiger and my Golden Retriever service dog Gideon I welcome comments on anything I write even if you disagree with me., I reserve the right to delete any hateful or hurtfully worded comments, keep it respectful. Debate and difference of opinion are encouraged, hate speech m any form will not be tolerated here.

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3 thoughts on “Day 258: Blog Intro v. 2.0

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  1. I look forward to looking through some of your archives. And I too, love a good comment. Just so happens I blogged about a trip to Colorado today. Beautiful out there. A new reader. jill

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