Day 259: My thoughts on being a “real writer” on the eve of becoming a cyborg


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It is January 3, 2014 and I’m committed to writing another 363 posts this year. I have tried unsuccessfully to meet that goal for the past several years but my resolve is stronger this year than before. I don’t often introduce myself as a writer when I meet people and here’s why: the first thing almost anybody who introduced themselves as a writer is “What have you published?” I hate that question because if your answer is anything like mine “nothing yet but I do have a story I’m working on fleshing out into a novel,” lots of people suddenly take on a patronizing time as though anybody who doesn’t have a published work to their name doesn’t deserve to call themselves a writer. That way of thinking should be thrown out with the evening trashes far as I’m concerned. Just because a person does not earn money or recognition through their writing doesn’t make them any less a writer, and even those people who want to get published someday (myself included) have to start somewhere. A book does not simply appear fully informed out of the authors had an land on the shelf of a bookstore near you. Revision and reduction are the name of the game folks and I will admit that part of my reasoning for not giving more done on my current work in progress (which I have been raining since the age of fourteen) is a fear of rejection.

It was actually as a means of facing my fear that I decided to start this public blog several years ago. It is also why am I publicly state that I will not delete someone’s comment just because they might disagree with me. I believe a writer’s craft is honed by the (hopefully constructive) criticism of others and I believe that a writer who just plain ignores feedback that they do not wish to hear is a writer who will not be successful for very long.

In other news, I feel like I’m becoming a cyborg! As I mentioned in an earlier post my sister bought me a smart phone for Christmas. I was supposed to received it a few days after Christmas but due to a snafu in which the post office thought that our address was vacant I should receive it this evening or tomorrow at the latest. I have never owned a smart phone before so to say that there will be an adjustment period is probably an understatement. Since Apple first came out with the iPhone my family has been particularly interested in the applied use of smart phone technology as it could relate to helping disabled people become more independent.

So when I called my family on Christmas Day in something of a panic because our finances had drastically altered so that among others things I would not be able to get a cell phone was a low number with which to make doctors appointments and other necessary phone calls my sister decided that she was going to fix it so I at least did not have to worry about, that. My question to anybody who has an Android phone is this: do you have a app that you feel greatly enhances your writing/blogging process?

Stay tuned as in the upcoming posts I foresee a lot out of “why did my phone just do that?” And other such things. This post has been brought to you by Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog challenge at


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One thought on “Day 259: My thoughts on being a “real writer” on the eve of becoming a cyborg

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  1. Good luck with the “write every day” challenge. It isn’t as hard as it might feel at this stage and you will find that your composition and editing skills get honed in the process. On the whole “you can’t be a writer unless you have been published” thing, as far as I can see, if what you do defines what you are, then if you write then surely you are a writer!! (And blogging is a form of publishing). Take heart and enjoy the ride.

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