Day 261: Ramen Noodles and US Politics

ramen drawer
ramen drawer (Photo credit: pinprick)

I have a love hate relationship with ramen noodles. On the one hand I love noodles and pasta of all kinds. Let me tell you something in case you’ve experienced it, ramen is a staple food for those who demographics label the working poor. My parents have been part of that particular demographic section most of my life I have learned to survive on alternating meals of ramen, mac and cheesee or buttered and salted white rice. I had the poor college kid thing down long before I ever went to college.

The issue I have with ramen is that as a food it’s not very disability friendly. Seriously all three of my “step children” ( my boyfriend’s son , andmy girlfriend’s two girls, who are all under the age of six) have better fork skills than I do at this point. It really is sad In order to eat ramen more or less independently the package of noodles has to be thoroughly broken apart before being cooked in as little water as possible. I usually ovoid the just microwave lunch in a cup option because the longer noodles and significant amount of broth is enough to make me cringe even before I make the mess I know is coming. Today however I triumphed and manged to eat a cup without dropping half the contents on the table or my shirt. It’s a good day.

Speaking of the working poor I personally that anybody who wants to run for President should have to work a minimum wage job and live in a one bedroom house or apartment with only basic amenities (for my purposes basic includes tv and internet but no dishwasher and no washer/dryer hook ups so they would have to budget for money and time spent in a laundromat) let someone who aspires to the biggest responsibility live like that for three months and I might believe they have half a clue of how to help the country as a whole.

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2 thoughts on “Day 261: Ramen Noodles and US Politics

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  1. I totally agree. Politicians are too pampered and spoiled to see the world from the eyes of those who have less.

  2. Just had a thought to add to that. No car, so they have to ride the bus wherever they need to go.

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