Day 262: Let’s Try This Again Folks

English: "Stripe" Gremlin figure, le...
English: “Stripe” Gremlin figure, leader of the derivatives Gremlins from “Gizmo” and enemy of the latter. Español: Figura del Gremlin «Stripe», cabecilla de los Gremlins derivados de «Gizmo» y enemigo de este último. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So my phone is being re shipped. Hopefully tomorrow. In part because of the holidays and maybe because the mogwi that is the Denver post office mascot got wet in all this snow we’ve had and terrorized the poor postal workers into barricaded themselves in the back room causing my phone’s journey to be halted in the next town over from where I live and speedily sent back to its point of origin, California. However I hear that the gremlin has been contained and having filled out an official change of address form with the post office this weekend I’m hopeful it will go smoothly

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