Day 264: and now back to your regularly scheduled program


Apparently life had to go and throw monkey wrenches into my New Year’s resolution of blogging every day. Just for the record acid reflux socks, acid reflux bad enough to make you throw up in spite of taking medicine for it sucks words, add to that the less than pleasant monthly re occurrence

television (Photo credit: jeevs)

of a woman’s biology and I’ve been having a lot of fun… Not. On a happier note my phone finally came in, I guess the post office got tired of playing Hakki sack with it. Learning to operate a touchscreen is definitely a learning curve but it’s fun and definitely easier for me than a traditional phone in lots of ways. I still haven’t figured out what exactly I’m doing that makes my screen rotates sideways sometimes when I didn’t ask it to. My boyfriend whose last three phones have been smart phones has been having a field day chuckling at me when I have to hand him the phone reverse something I did and it takes him less than 2 min. to undo what I have been trying to figure out for the last 10. Fair warning to anyone who reads this that I have day-to-day contact with outside of blogging and social media. If I say something via text or status update that that causes you to worry about me please feel free to double check because it is very likely that I had a mistype and could not figure out how to undo it so there’s actually nothing wrong.


For those of you who found me through the Zero to Hero Blogging Challenge I will be going back and catching up on the stuff that I missed when I wasn’t feeling well.

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One thought on “Day 264: and now back to your regularly scheduled program

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  1. So, what model of iPhone did you get? I have a Windows phone these days. The damn screen usually rotates when I don’t want it to, either 😉

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