Day 266: What Might Have Been

Handicapped (Photo credits:

I’m pretty sure that any parent raising a child with a disability has grieved for the able bodied child that might have been. It’s only.natural, nobody wants to think that their child will have to live a life labeled “different, other*. What folks might not realize is that  disabled people grieve for themselves. When I was a little girl I wanted to be a soldier, a  doctor and a firefighter by turns.
I’ve  always been  disabled and even as a child I never thought even for a second that I would wake up and be able to walk.  I believed that I would some how be able to do those things in spite of the fact that I can’t walk much less run a six minute mile and the lack of dexterity in my hands meant that even if I made it through med school I would never made it through being an intern.
So yes I know I’m lucky. Yes it could be worse. Lots of people I know have it worse than me. That being said the only people who might get away with telling me I should be grateful for what I can do are my parents and my boyfriend and girlfriend and even they  are likely to get snarled at some days.If  you see me on a rough day know that I will  be okay and if it looks like I need help,offer it ,but the only time the word lucky should be mentioned is if we’re talking about the lottery.

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