Day 275:The Shading of Disabiliy on the Painting of My Life

I am disabled. Over the years I have called myself many things cripple, gimp, and spaz as well as physically challenged, physically disabled and mobility impaired. I find it amusing how many people(specifically able-bodied people) cringe if they hear me use one of the less than politically correct terms. Quite frankly I don't particularly care... Continue Reading →

Day 274: In Praise of Pen and Paper(From Someone Who Can’t Use Them)

My handwriting sucks. Let me rephrase: my printing sucks. What most people consider handwriting, that is to say cursive handwriting, is beyond my physical capabilities . I can list on one hand the number of people who can read my print and depending on the day and how tight my hands are that list may or may... Continue Reading →

Day 273: Presidents, Pennies, Paper Hearts and Pop Icons, It’s Time for The Wednesday Hodgepodge

The Wednesday Hodgepodge  is a weekly meme hosted by From This Side of the Pond. 1.What makes love last? Remembering details...I'm  not  talking about dates necessarily although remembering anniversaries etc. are important to lots of people I'm talking about remembering how your significant other likes their coffee/tea, their favorite snack etc. And laughter, there is no... Continue Reading →

Day 272: Another Monday Another Quiz

This Monday meme is brought to you by the nice folks over at Acting Balanced. 1. February 10th is Clean Out Your Computer Day!  It's is a day to logically review, and delete old files and programs.  Will you be taking part?   I probably  should but realistically I probably won't. 2. February is also National Grapefruit... Continue Reading →

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