Day 269: The Power Ranger Effect: the Good Message Behind Bad Writing

Tommy "the Green Ranger" Oliver
Tommy “the Green Ranger” Oliver (Photo credit: Courtarro)

As a kid I remember watching Power Rangers. Yes, I did. Don’t judge me. Yes it was cheesy and in my opinion the storylines for the current incarnations are completely awful and  stretched ridiculously thin. This is not to say that the original series wasn’t formulaic and predictable it was a monster of the week show and anybody who has seen more than five episodes of any incarnation knows this. What I remember most is not any specific character or plot point but the fact that during the commercial breaks or right after an episode the characters from the show did clips on things like  nonviolent conflict resolution, advice on how to deal with bullies etc. Also even though  the show centered around martial arts they were always very careful to reinforce the idea that  martial arts  is   supposed to be used in defense only and knowing them did not give you the right to go pick fights just to show off. I believe (though I could be mistaken) Power Rangers was the first show to do anything like that and I can tell you from personal experience that it didn’t have a lasting impact. Plus it was always fun  to tease mom because she had a thing for the Green Ranger. I’ve not seen any of the currently running series but I’m pretty sure some version of it will still be running when I have kids and monster of the week cheesy plot lines or not the show did attempt to send positive messages to the kids who watched therefore if somewhere down the line my kid (s) becomes enamored with them  that’s fine by me, there are far worse things they could like.

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3 thoughts on “Day 269: The Power Ranger Effect: the Good Message Behind Bad Writing

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  1. I used to watch Power Rangers too. My mother had to get to work before school started, so she enrolled me in a before and after school care program. We’d all get around the TV and watch Power Rangers, then off the the gym we went and my friends and I played Power Rangers. I was always the Yellow Ranger. No judgement here!

  2. Hi! My sister and I were in a program like that too. I always opted for the Yellow Ranger as well, though I really wanted to be as good at gymnastics as the Pink Ranger was. Stop by again soon!

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