Day 280: If I Had a DeLorean

  Written for the Daily Post's Weekly Writing Challenge.   I love the Back to the Future movies. I've watched them about a thousand times each. Over the past  year I've wished for a DeLorean at least as many times. As of this writing  a good friend of mime has been dead almost two years... Continue Reading →

DAY 279: Into Every Life a Little Rain Must Fall

Spring is here again. It happens every year this changing of the seasons, but as the wheel turns again towards the annual rebirthing of the Earth I can't but think of those who won't see this spring. Some people view grief as something to be worked through and eventually left behind. I wish I could... Continue Reading →

Day 276: In My Own Image, Sort Of

I think I may have mentioned that the lack of disabled people in the media (book, tv, etc)annoys me. People who read here regularly are probably thinking  This again really? I freely admit to having a soapbox when it comes to this. Imagine my surprise when I realize that in over a decade of fiction writing I have only  written... Continue Reading →

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