Day 276: In My Own Image, Sort Of

i based my female lead's looks on Keiko O'Beian from Star Trek TNG. i
i based my female lead’s looks on Keiko O’Beian from Star Trek TNG. i

I think I may have mentioned that the lack of disabled people in the media (book, tv, etc)annoys me. People who read here regularly are probably thinking  This again really? I freely admit to having a soapbox when it comes to this. Imagine my surprise when I realize that in over a decade of fiction writing I have only  written two disabled characters in my whole writing life. i have heard the writer’s axiom “write what you know” but I’ve avoided writing characters like me for several reasons, the biggest of which is that I’m afraid writing a main character with a disability would mean less interest  in the story from perspective publishers and/or fewer readers once it is out there. But then aren’t I feeding a trend I hate? So after much thought and a video chat with the #1 Beta Reader (AKA Mom) I’ve decided to rewrite the female lead as a wheelchair user.She isn’t a carbon copy of me because she wasn’t to start with and the only things I’m modifying are things related to her disability (the apartment floor plan, using hand controls to drive etc.) the main storyline won’t change much.  I’m more than a little nervous about the how the rewrite might change people’s view of the story but nothing gained right? Who says a disabled person can’t be the hero in a fantasy adventure?

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  1. Perhaps if you are concerned about this the disability is not revealed immediately and when it just casually starts being clear in the story then people are hooked on the character and may not their own surprise that they had to that point assumed she wasn’t!

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