Day 277 Grove Wars Prologue rewrite: introducing female lead as disabled


writemonkey preference
writemonkey preference (Photo credit: kengo)

So I’ve started work rewriting my manuscript now that I have decided to make the heroine disabled. I also downloaded WriteMonkey a minimal distraction writing software which you can download for free. I love it. You can change your font and background colors as well as font styles if you want. When the program opens for the first time it automatically opens into full-screen but you can put it into a window by hitting escape, useful if you find you need access to the rest of your computer but don’t want to close the program. It also has a “jump” feature which opens a window to the side that logic to search through the files on your computer which may contain elements that you want to place into the project. WriteMonkey also has a white noise feature which can be unlocked if you donate to support the project,the only thing I don’t like is that as far as I can tell there is no way to disable the Markup formatting which I find annoying because I personally don’t write with it. Markup is a system which allows for visual representation of format, such as a pair of asterisk around something which would be in bold text or underscores around something which is supposed to be in italics. I would much rather just be able to bold a word and see it right then instead of a pair of asterisks, but that’s really the only minor complaint I have about the whole thing. So I leave you with the first piece of rewritten prologue that I turned out in my first 15 min. of distraction free writing. Please feel free to comment.




The sound of her alarm clock startled her awake. By comparison the seagulls she often heard cruising past outside her windows were down right melodious. Her “second alarm” was far more pleasant. As she fumble for the snooze button she found herself nose to nose with 60 odd pounds of Golden Retriever will upon seeing her eyes open began to bark enthusiastically. “Okay, okay I’m awake I promise. Go get the chair Reid.” Quick as a flash, the dog had hopped off the bed and across the room, cheerfully retrieving a wheelchair by means of a rope attached to the bar across the back of the chair. For his trouble he received a thank you and a quick pat on the head before continuing on to fetch her a sweatshirt and a pair of jeans. An hour later they left, both sporting backpacks ready to take on the brand-new world of college. It wasn’t until much later after all of the action was said and done that she remembered the forgotten umbrella by the door and wondered how different things might have turned out if she had only remembered it.

Authors Note: Reid was my second choice of a name for my Golden Retriever. I didn’t know for sure until I saw him whether Reid or Gideon would fit better. Gideon won but fictional Reid the Golden is mine pen and ink homage to my


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