Day 280: If I Had a DeLorean

Delorean (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Written for the Daily Post’s Weekly Writing Challenge.


I love the Back to the Future movies. I’ve watched them about a thousand times each. Over the past  year I’ve wished for a DeLorean at least as many times. As of this writing  a good friend of mime has been dead almost two years from illness related to contracting Lyme disease from a tick bite on a kayaking trip . It was misdiagnosed and he missed the two week window in which antibiotics could have cured it. He was lucky that he lived another five years afterwards because most people who miss the antibiotics window die.within weeks.I remember the day  Nate told me that the doctors had finally realized what was wrong and what  that would eventually mean. In that instant I knew how Prometheus felt,chained to that rock as the bird ate his liver except it was my heart If I could I’d go back and beg him to skip that trip, consequences to time and space be damned.

Always in my heart
Always in my heart



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