Day 285:Five years ago


This summer will be the filth summer since she was diagnosed with breast cancer. My sister calls that year our family’s Year of Hell for good reason. She was diagnosed in June and during her first week home after her mastectomy in September my dad had a heart attack from the stress of worrying about her.Thankfully it wasn’t fatal but as a result both of them were out of work for a while.   My mother’s hair fell out from the chemotherapy and because of this we rewrote the Fuzzy Wuzzy rhyme. Our version is Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear/ Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair/ Fuzzy was a chemo bear. While doing chemo she got shingles. Yes shingles on top of chemo is as awful as you think. But this summer marks my moms filth year year with no cancer cells present. For those of you unfamiliar with cancer treatment , after the initial course of treatment is done a cancer patient must see an oncologist at least once a year for next five years to make sure the cancer hasn’t returned. It is only after five years of negative tests that a person can be officially declared cancer free  When it becomes official in June I plan on getting a tattoo of military combat boots with breast cancer pink laces with her initials and the official cancer free date and  the words free at last underneath since my mama was a soldier through most of my elementary school years In fatigues or out she the world’s most hardcore mama

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