Day 289: A Belated Father’s Day Post

A few years ago my mom found the card they attach to the end of a baby's crib in the the NICU. My dad had apparently saved in a small yellow softcover baby book with a stork on the front. I learned a few things  when I saw that card. One: It is  one thing for your parents... Continue Reading →

Day 288: The Incident on Witch Duck Road, As Told By The Car.

The car  rumbled absentmindedly to itself as its teen aged driver guided it down the road. It was Saturday night and the road was the locally accepted weekend make out area. The branches of the trees  on either side of the road arched the road to intertwine tightly with each other like children playing London Bridge or Red Rover. The branches... Continue Reading →

Day 287: The Importance of Old MacDonald

  We need to reconnect with our food. That probably sounds strange so let me elaborate. I grew up in the 90's my generation was the first to  have their formative years influenced by this new concept of the Internet. I grew up with the first generation of teenagers to have cell phones. I get that my generation and the ones after... Continue Reading →

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