Day 287: The Importance of Old MacDonald


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We need to reconnect with our food. That probably sounds strange so let me elaborate. I grew up in the 90’s my generation was the first to  have their formative years influenced by this new concept of the Internet. I grew up with the first generation of teenagers to have cell phones. I get that my generation and the ones after it take for granted things that were barely outside the realm of science fiction thirty years ago. In lots of ways we are becoming so immersed in the advances of now that the concept of  a life without them seems alien. When I was in middle school and high school   I remember conversations with people who were in their  twenties, thirties, and even forties which made it cleat to me that they were unaware that food we buy at grocery stores doesn’t just magically appear there, That level of ignorance frightens me so much more than the increasing prevalence of smart phones and technology. Our food was once living things. True plant life is not the same as animal life and animal life isn’t as either human or plant. but human, plant or animal it all grows. If we forget that even the things we eat have a life cycle and therefore need certain conditions to thrive, our forward momentum might actually kill them  and take us with it. Teach your kids “Old MacDonald“, that bacon comes from pigs that cheese and hamburgers come from cows and depending on the kind of cheese sheep and goats. . Teach them that their mashed potatoes, the corn or broccoli once grew somewhere before  being bought. The only way for us to continue living is too remember that everything we eat was once living too Teach them the magic of husbandry. Grow a garden even if its just a window box full of herbs,cooking with stuff you grew makes it taste that much better. Pant or care fore a tree even if it’s a dwarf one that you can keep potted un your apartment. There is a statistic that says that every new tree puts 29% more oxygen into the the air that air that circulates through your house or apartment is that much fresher. 

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  1. You are so right! I grew up on a cattle/crop farm and I grew up knowing the corn, alfalfa and oats dad raised where for the cattle which were sold to the packing plant or taken to the local locker for beef. I love watching my garden come to life every year, it’s amazing!

  2. Gracie I spent my teenage years on a farm I’ve eaten mtton and goat meat from animal I remember being born and naming. Even before the farm we had a summer vegetable garden in the back yard. I think in today’s world people can have an overblown sense of importance, a garden is very grounding.

  3. I totally agree – that’s why I have started a balcony garden – it’s such fun to watch it grow and eat food I actually made 🙂

  4. I have put in a garden this year! It’s been awhile, so I ma happy to have a small plot back in action! Building a Front Yard Vegetable Garden is about getting it up and started – I will be harvesting lettuce this week 🙂

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