Day 291: Some People’s Idea Of Fiction And Mine Are Very Different

Dachau gate
There are some people who would like us to believe that the Holocaust , one of the major occurrences of  World War II, didn’t happen. I’m not sure who first perpetuated that ridiculous  lie but it makes me angry. My great grandfather, Eugene Prophet was part of   the force that liberated Dachau. He didn’t talk about it much and all the stories ever heard about the things he saw were told second and third hand by my grandmother or mother. I do know that he saw his best friend shot by a corpse, that the people they released looked like animated corpses themselves.  I know that even though they released the survivors the soldiers didn’t have provision for them and they were left to scavenge what they could from the bodies of the dead guards or fellow prisoners who had died before the soldiers got there. This happened to real people. Those who claim it a made up story do a disservice, to both soldiers like my great grandfather  and to those people who live every day of their lives with a reminder of Hell on Earth tattooed across their wrist.
Author’s Note: The sign translates to “Work Shall Set You Free”

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