Day 293: “Greed” In A Virtual World

Second Life
Second Life (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I play a game called Second Life. “Game” may not be an accurate term as that word implies rules and/or strategy. It is more accurate to say that Second Life is a virtual world in which you can do everything you can do in  the real world and some things you can’t. You can hold a job, buy a house, own land, get married, start a family etc.

You can create anything y

ou can dream of so long as you have the right skills. There are people who make clothing, houses,cars and sell them to other players for in game currency. That currency can, if the player desires be converted to real world money in that person’s real life bank account.

For many people, myself  included, Second Life is a hobby which they enjoy and any “money” they make is unimportant outside of what it gets them in the game. However for some the income they make in Second Life pays their bills in the real world and maybe their only source of income.

Lately I have heard several creators called greedy. This upsets me on at least two fronts.One computer programs like Photoshop and Poser(an animation program) aren’t easy to learn and even simple projects can take several hours. Two, you have no idea what that asking price might be funding in the real world so stop  running your mouth when you don’t know jack except that you can’t be bothered to pay for anything in a game. Newsflash: for some people the game we play is a real life living.


Day 292:The Fuzzy Wuzzy Project or Things My Mom Has Taught Me In 30 Years

I’m turning thirty this week. That is a very odd thought, I don’t feel thirty. Many young women are afraid of becoming their mother but if I can look back twenty years from to realize that I have become half as cool as my mom is now than I’m doing pretty well. A few years ago mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. The  chemo made her hair fall out, ALL of it, even her eyebrows. Instead of wailing and gnashing of teeth we came up with the idea for The Fuzzy Wuzzy Project. The idea is to donate handmade pink suede teddy bears to hospitals to provide a bright spot to cancer patients young and old.

When mom lost her hair I changed the rhyme, ” Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear, fuzzy wuzzy had no hair. Fuzzy was a chemo bear.”My mom taught me that in every bad situation there is a silver lining and that sometimes if  you can find it you can use it to change lives for the better .Some other things she’s taught me:

  1. Nobody is flawless, even magazine models Mom went to art school and when they taught her to use Photoshop they showed her how to erase acne, wrinkles etc. The first  thing she did when she got home that day was grab a magazine and explain how they had been manipulated. My hope is that more kids have that explained, maybe than the number of kids half killing themselves for an unattainable  perfection will decrease.
  2. Grow things. Mom has kept gardens for large chunks of my life dnd watching things grow is magical.
  3.  Know where the food you eat comes from. I’m talking about basic things like knowing that bacon comes from pigs. I was shocked to discover that some people actually believe that food just appears at the grocery store.
  4. Say please and thank you. It really does open doors.