Day 295: A Time for Speeches

Bernie Sanders, U.S. Congressman (now U.S. Sen...
Bernie Sanders, U.S. Congressman (now U.S. Senator) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This isn’t a political blog.  In fact with the far-flungrange of topics  it has covered in the past the junk drawer in somebody’s kitchen might be an apt description. I don’t like politics, in my experience it is often used  as an excuse to voice their highly biased opinions on a subject without giving equal consideration to the views of the opposing side. Just because I have chosen to avoid mentioning my politics  in public forums doesn’t mean I don’t have them. I can no longer to stand still and stay silent. None of us can. It is time to look beyond party affiliations and elect people based on their willingness to do what’s in the best interest of those who they represent and lead. I know politics is particularly grim and depressing right now. Don’t let that stop you from voting. The fat cats who benefit from the status quo are hoping you will be too discouraged to vote. Prove them wrong. This November go ye forth unto your nearest voting place and make your voice heard, they cannot silence us.I am an American and I don’t  believe our system has failed us but rather that most of the people in the higher ranks of that system have forgotten the meaning of the phrase civil servant. Bernie Sanders for President.

This post was brought to you because of this one which I saw on Freshly Pressed.  This one American pulling for Jeremy Corbyn.

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