Day 313:Christmas Spirt, This Walmart Employee Needs Some

It is the Christmas season and if you live in the States you have probably seen at least one toys for tots donation box and attendant Marine in dress uniform. This is what they do at Christmas. They stand every bit as solid beside the little box as if they were guarding a United States... Continue Reading →

Day 312:The Questions I Dread

  There have been some really good posts on the front page of WordPress that got me considering my motivations for writing. I write Blades of Truth, my current Fiction Friday Harry Potter fan fiction serial for fun because I really enjoy Harry's world and will use any excuse to visit it. However it and... Continue Reading →

Day 309: Scenes From a Life

You are four years old when your grandmother gives you a name for this  thing that makes you different. Cerebral Palsy. As you get older you remember certain things from that day, the white coral wind chimes she brought back from the mission trip to the Philippines, the bookshelf sized carvings of the heads on Easter Island.... Continue Reading →

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