Day 299: Proud Badger, in Defense of Hufflepuffs Everywhere

English: Alternate coat of arms of Hogwarts sc...
English: Alternate coat of arms of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry from Harry Potter book series, by J.K Rowling, with added shading effects. For a reference i used a drawing found on the internet, probably an illustration from one of the books. The motto translates to “never tickle a sleeping dragon” vector drawing,.SVG format. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am an unapologetic Harry Potter fan. I have been to every midnight book release since the third book (because I was introduced to the series right as Chamber of Secrets came out in hardback I missed the first two). I cried when Cedric became the first magical victim of the second war, bonus points to anybody who remembers who the first Muggle victim was. I threw Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix across the room at three in the morning when Sirius died and had even worse reaction to Remus Lupin’s death. I had taken enough sorting hat quizzes made by fans to begin to suspect that they were skewed to put you in either Gryffindor or Slytherin house. When I found the site the author created as a supplement and companion to the series I was quite happy to find myself sorted into Hufflepuff house. We Hufflepuff are terribly overlooked because we do not make waves unless and until something we love is threatened. Badgers cornered in the wild are not to be trifled with. There is a reason the Goblet of Fire chose Cedric for Hogwarts champion. Tonks, seriously kick ass witch who marries Remus in spite of his lycanthropy? Hufflepuff. Teddy Lupin, Hogwarts Head Boy 2015? Hufflepuff. The last bit about Teddy is not just wishful thinking on my part, read the attached article.

2 thoughts on “Day 299: Proud Badger, in Defense of Hufflepuffs Everywhere

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  1. As a Slytherin, I wish I was partly Hufflepuff. After all, they are the most trustworthy and loyal. Unfortunately, I found my secondary house to be Ravenclaw through Pottermore.

    *Ps, I cried for Cedric too – both when reading the book and watching the film.

  2. My favorite adult character next to Remus was Snape and even though I was in no way shocked by his death (lets face it death is the ultimate means of redemption) I cried for him as well.

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