Day 300: Fiction Friday… It’s coming

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So my family has been after me to keep the dust off my writing. Well since I recently got a decent headset again I can do this. (For clarification sake as to why a headset has anything to do with typing, I use Dragon speech recognition software to type anything of substance and length since manual typing is tedious for me and eventually painful) I have decided to use Friday’s to finish writing and post excerpts from a Harry Potter fan fiction that I have been writing on and off since Order of the Phoenix came out. I’m sure this will annoy at least some people in my family because it’s not my own original work which they have been pestering me to finish since the 12th grade but I figured that writing of any sort is better than no writing at all and it will pull my writing skills back up to snuff anyway.

I would try my best to post full chapters. I encourage people to leave comments pointing out proofreading errors I might have missed which I will of course go back and fix. A lot of the reason I’m asking for this extra help is that Dragon sometimes miss hears what I said and sticks a word or phrase that does not belong in the sentence and I won’t even see it until someone else points it out because I’m sure that I spoke clearly enough when obviously I have not.Will you read along?


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