Day 302: For Oz , On Your Birthday

It’s completely luck, synchronicity, serendipity however you want to phrase it that I just happened to find this video the day before your birthday. Unlike the lady in this video I know how far out of your way you go for me. I have seen you yell and curse at the lack of a cut curb in a sidewalk, sometimes you get quite irate about it. And I laugh, I laugh because I know that before you met me handicap accessible sidewalks probably didn’t show up at all on your social injustice radar. I have seen you learn to work the wheelchair tie downs on the city bus faster than even the bus drivers themselves. On the same bus trips I have seen you get upset some inconsiderate person scratched Gideons ears without asking me if it was okay. The person who just did it again was the fifth person on this trip.I know you don’t like having to help me go to the bathroom in places that don’t have “family” restrooms. If you internally or even externally roll your eyes and sigh it’s not because I need help going to the bathroom it’s because there might be some stupid person who sees us together in a bathroom where one of us does not by social norms go into in less they are something they shouldn’t be, and automatically think the absolute worst because I’m in a wheelchair. You do it anyway. You do ridiculously silly things just to make me laugh and mock threaten dire consequence if any of it gets back to our friends. I am different from the lady in the video because I was already disabled when you met me but that doesn’t make any of the things you do any less wonderful. So on your birthday all I have to say is thank you. I love you.

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