Day 313:Christmas Spirt, This Walmart Employee Needs Some

It is the Christmas season and if you live in the States you have probably seen at least one toys for tots donation box and attendant Marine in dress uniform. This is what they do at Christmas. They stand every bit as solid beside the little box as if they were guarding a United States Embassy on foreign soil except they will actually converse with you in this case. Toys for Tots was founded in 1947 by Maj. Bill Hendricks United States Marine Corps Retired in Los Angeles California, 5000 toys were collected that year, the first with a handmade doll. In 1948 United States Marine Corps officially adopted the program and made it a community action project.the Marines you see every Christmas are usually Reservists or Retired.


Someone saw this man, a 60-year-old retired Marine standing in the rain outside a Medina, Ohio Walmart this weekend collecting donations. She bought him a cup of coffee and talk to him and discovered that he wasn’t standing in the rain out of showmanship or stoicism, he was standing in the rain because the new manager would not let him inside.


I don’t know what her issue is whether she disagrees with our current use of the military, or whether she has a personal problem with this man. I know that it’s December, it’s cold and he’s a human being who has done more for others in his life than a lot of us’s Chri stmas shelves your paltry petty disagreements and/or opinions and act like a decent human being. I encourage everybody to call or e-mail the Walmart corporate office and complain that this woman’s behavior is unacceptable.

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