Day 314: So if A C- section isn’t “real” birth me and my sister are here by magic?

That is so cool.

I came into the world two months and 10 days before anyone expected me to. My sister was overdue by an entire month before she decided it was time to make an appearance. We were both delivered by cesarean section which is actually called that because that was the manner of Julius Caesar’s arrival onto the world stage. Apparently Facebookis trying to piss me off this week.  This showed up on my news feed posted by a friend. My friends response? “Oh hell no!? I find this sentiment upsetting for many reasons not the least of which is the fact that my mother is probably the most kick ass woman I know and no one will ever be superior to her for any reason.Secondly the idea that anyone is physically superior and therefore more worthy to be a mother (which I felt was the implied statement of this poster) is total crap. Many of the children delivered by C-section have a laundry list of special needs. Parenting a special needs kid is probably the hardest thing ever in my opinion.I do not understand why with all the outside discrimination women face in modern culture we have to engage in a session of “I’m better than you are” and name-calling. Anybody who has had a C-section will tell you that it’s not in any way a cakewalk or a lucky break. It is at least as painful nonsurgical birth just in a different fashion. I also feel like this poster is implying that you should not have children if you cannot deliver them in the manner nature originally built into you. This suggests that disabled women like me should completely shelve the idea of having children at all because in my case and in the case of many others the safest route for mother and child is a cesarean. I refuse to let anyone else make that choice for me or to denigrate me or anyone else when this is the best way to make sure my children arrive safely in this world.

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