Day 316: Yesterday There Was a Mass Shooting And It Happened To Me

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Before anybody worries I do not live anywhere close to San Bernardino California.I am physically unharmed but definitely emotionally rattled. For those of you just catching up with the news there was a mass shooting in San Bernardino California yesterday involving three people with guns opening fire on a center for the developmentally disabled. 12 people were dead and at least 20 are injured. That was the last count I heard anyway. I’m also not sure how many of the deceased and injured  were autistic people. I don’t think the numbers them selves really matter. What matters is that it happened at all. This is not a place where the deaths were obviously politically driven. This was not a Planned Parenthood clinic or the World Trade Center or even Paris.


Mass shootings are becoming far too common place. We’re starting to discuss them in terms similar to those we use for natural disasters. There is nothing natural about this. The Center for Disease Control recently asked Congress to fund research into possible biological reasons for a s my mother said yesterday “the upswing in crazy,” Congress was having none of it.


I am not a conspiracy theorist but I will tell you that if I were Congress I would want to turn over every rock possible looking for answers even if some of the rocks turn out to be nothing. Why is my government so unwilling to explore this? Are they afraid of what they will find? Do they know what they will find and want to keep it quiet? I don’t know. What I do know is that even if it wasn’t motivated by politics yesterday was terrorism. Colorado Springs was terrorism. All victims everywhere and do understand why the place they were at was targeted. Everybody needs to realize that we got ourselves into this mess and we need to get ourselves out. Shelve the name-calling, infighting, finger-pointing. Pull your head out of the sand and start doing something of substance. I don’t expect answers tomorrow, the question is too complex. I will wait. Right here. I will wait with my hand out and I will not let you forget, because everyone deserves answers. Because yesterday I really realized how very very easily that could have been me.

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