Day 346: Lessons from 2016

This year has been a roller coaster ride. I’m frightened of what a Donald Trump presidency means. I am scared for myself but I’m more frightened because I already see how it is affecting people I love and strangers I don’t even know in toxic ways. I have a greater appreciation for my family because although we may fight and argue amongst ourselves sometimes I know without a doubt that they love me and will support me even if they don’t agree with every single decision  I make. This year has made it plain that not everyone is lucky enough to have parents like that. Since the election, there had been many instances of violence against the LGBT community in which the aggressor uses the fact that Donald Trump has been elected as an excuse that somehow legitimizes their action. Worse yet is the fact that it is not just strangers spouting this insanity, sometimes it comes from a person’s own family, I have something to say to those people.


A child is a gift no matter what their gender identity or sexual orientation. I can tell you from experience that no one wants to grow up being labeled differently. If half the things uninformed people think of as “choices” actually were, we wouldn’t be on the path we are on. Systemic marginalization and violence is not something anybody looks forward to in life. These are your children. No matter who they love, or how they change their bodies so that they can feel like their best self, or what pronouns they choose to refer themselves with, I believe that when they were born you entered into a contract with the universe and with that particular soul to nurture it and to help grow to the best of your ability. Any parent who walks away from that should be ashamed.This time of year peace on earth gets mentioned a lot, it’s a big concept that begins and ends with the individual, bullying has no place in it.

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